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    Oyster Mushroom Extract
      Fruiting Bodies, >25% β-Glucans (Nammex)

    • Organic extract from fruiting bodies†
    • Contains a minimum of 25% Beta-Glucans

    What is Oyster Mushroom Extract? 

    Oyster mushrooms grow naturally worldwide in all types of forests although they are primarily found on deciduous trees. Named for their oyster-like shape and color, they are a readily cultivated mushroom that have become a popular food in Asia, Europe and now North America.

    Pleurotus has demonstrated immunological activity in many research publications. Of significant value is the presence of statins, which occur in sufficient quantities to be of benefit. Numerous studies have shown the ability of Pleurotus to lower cholesterol when taken orally.

    How to take Oyster Mushroom Extract?

    We recommend this natural Oyster Mushroom extract at a dose of 500mg - 1,000mg per serving.


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    £0.30 / $0.41

    Suggested Dose

    500 - 1,000mg

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