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    Red Reishi Mushroom Extract 16:1
      Fruiting Bodies, >15% β-Glucans (Nammex)

    • Hot water extract from fruiting bodies†
    • Certified organic †
    • Provides a minimum of 15% Beta-Glucans †

    What is Red Reishi Mushroom Extract? 

    Reishi mushroom has been revered in China for thousands of years. It is depicted in many Chinese works of art and is utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today it is widely cultivated using a method of wood log cultivation in shade houses.

    Scientific research into the compounds responsible for Reishi mushroom activity began in the 1970’s in China and Japan. Scientists discovered highly active beta-(1>3)-glucans with the ability to potentiate innate immunity by activating immune cells. Also discovered were secondary metabolites called triterpenoids which were present in significant amounts and sets Reishi apart from all the other medicinal mushrooms.

    How to take Red Reishi Mushroom Extract 16:1?

    This natural Red Reishi extract contains over 15% β-Glucans with a higher concentration at 16:1. We recommend a dose of 100mg - 1,000mg per serving.


    Specification Sheet

    Price / Gram

    £1.2 / $1.66

    Suggested Dose

    100 - 1,000mg

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