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    Turkey Tail Mushroom 8:1 Extract
      Fruiting Bodies, >41% β-Glucans (Nammex)

    • Hot water extract from fruiting bodies†
    • Certified organic †
    • Provides a minimum of 30% Beta-Glucans †

    What is Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract? 

    Wild Trametes, commonly called Turkey Tail, grows naturally worldwide in all types of forests although it is primarily found on deciduous trees. Numerous strains of Trametes have been investigated, analyzed and chosen for their production of beta-glucans. In the 1980’s scientists in Japan and China utilized Trametes to develop new two new drugs: PSK and PSP. These drugs are manufactured using fermentation of mycelium in liquid culture. The process generates very unique protein-bound polysaccharides. These compounds are concentrated and refined into very powerful drugs, and some of the few mushroom-based products that have actually progressed through clinical trials and have been approved by government agencies for use.

    Trametes is a powerful immunomodulator that is useful for all types of conditions where immunity is compromised.

    How to take Turkey Tail Mushroom 8:1 Extract?

    This natural Turkey Tail extract contains over 41% β-Glucans and a high concentration at 8:1. We recommend a dose of 100mg - 500mg.


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    100mg - 500mg

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