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    Cocoa Butter 75% Powder

    • Natural mosturiser †
    • May help with circulation †

    What is Cocoa Butter?

    Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat, derived naturally from cocoa beans.

    High in fatty acids, cocoa butter hydrates and nourishes the skin to improve elasticity. Cocoa butter is also rich in phytochemicals, which are natural plant compounds that can contibute to improved circulation. 

    How to take Cocoa Butter 75% Powder?

    This is a pure cocoa butter extract which can be added to drinks to improve taste and consistency. We recommend a dose of 5,000mg but there is no standardised practice here, add freely to taste.


    Specification Sheet

    Price / Gram

    £0.05 / $0.06

    Suggested Dose

    2.5g - 5g

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