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    Dynamine™ (Methylliberine)
      100% Pure Dynamine™

    • Very Fast-Acting
    • Activates energy, mood, and focus †
    • Lasts ~3 hours

    What is Dynamine™?

    Dynamine™ is methylliberine, a purine alkaloid found in the kucha tea leaf. Its molecular structure is similar to theacrine (aka TeaCrine®) and is believed to behave in similar ways in the body.

    Like theacrine, methylliberine may amplify feelings of energy, mood and focus by activating dopamine receptors and other key neurotransmitters, inhibiting adenosine receptors, all without elevating heart rate or blood pressure. †

    How to take Dynamine™ (Methylliberine)?

    This Dynamine is 100% pure. We recommend a dose of 100mg - 200mg per serving.


    Specification Sheet

    Price / Gram

    £2.5 / $3.47

    Suggested Dose

    100 - 200mg

    Dosing Ratio


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