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    VeriSperse™ Resveratrol
      90% Trans-Reseveratrol with LipiSperse

    • Up to 1.6x more bioavailabile than standard Resveratrol
    • Made using naturally fermented Veri-Te™ trans-Resveratrol
    • May support cognitive function and memory †
    • May assist with concentration and focus †

    What is VeriSperse™ Resveratrol?

    VeriSperse™ contains 90% of Veri-te™ resveratrol, which is produced using an innovative yeast fermentation process. This means VeriSperse™ resveratrol is free of pesticides, emodin & PAHs, and it is odorless with a neutral taste.

    Resveratrol is a natural phytoalexin. Recognized as strong antioxidant, research indicates that resveratrol is a powerful nootropic and modulates a number of signaling pathway effectors that may enable significant improvements in concentration, focus and reductions in memory loss. 

    How to take VeriSperse™ Resveratrol?

    VeriSperse™ contains 90% Trans-Resveratrol. We recommend a dose of 100mg.


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    £1.20 / $1.66

    Suggested Dose

    100 mg

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