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    Iron Bis-Glycinate
      Ferrous Bis-Glycinate (20%)

    • May help stimulate energy levels †
    • May help boost immune system †

    What is Iron Bis-Glycenate? 

    Iron is an important mineral in any healthy diet, contributing to normal transport of oxygen through the blood, as well as helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue. This supplement uses ferrous bisglycinate, a highly bioavailable form of Iron often referred to as ‘gentle Iron’ to give you the best possible nutrition in a single capsule. 

    K-Pure® is a world leading manufacturer of the finest minerals, using the latest technology to produce high quality minerals with superior absorption. 

    How to take Iron Bis-Glycinate?

    K-Pure®’s ferrous bisglycinate has a 24% iron content, meaning each 20mg supplement provides 5mg of rapid absorbing iron. We recommend a dose of 10mg - 20mg per serving.


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    70mg provides 14mg Elemental Iron

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