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    Lion’s Mane 1:1 Water Extract
      Fruiting Bodies, >25% β-Glucans

    • Hot water extracted for a high percentage of Beta-Glucans
    • Certified USDA Organic
    • May boost the immune system †
    • May support cognition † 
    • May reduce inflammation †
    • May assist with sleep quality †

    What is Lion’s Mane Extract? 

    Lion’s Mane (or Hericium Erinaceus) is a medicinal mushroom which provides a vast number of benefits. Lion’s Mane is native to Europe, Asia, and North America - although Asia (and more specifically China) are the global leaders in growing and extracting Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. Over 90% of the world’s Lion’s Mane is produced in China.

    It’s also a tasty edible mushroom and is commonly used in cooking and to make mushroom tea or coffee. It is naturally found growing on trees in the late summer and can be identified by its white, fur-like appearance.

    How to take Lion’s Mane 1:1 Water Extract?

    This natural Lion's Mane extract contains over 25% β-Glucans. We recommend a dose of 500mg - 1,000mg


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    £0.40 / $0.55

    Suggested Dose

    500 - 1,000mg

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