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    Alpha GPC 50%
      Alpha GPC 50P

    • Natural source of choline 
    • May support cognitive function and memory †
    • Can play a role in enhancing mental and physical performance †

    What is Alpha GPC 50%? 

    Alpha GPC is a water-soluble source of choline, meaning it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and is quickly absorbed by the brain.

    Less energy is required in the process of acetylcholine synthesis, making it one of the more effective choline sources when compared with the likes of phosphatidylcholine and DMAE.

    How to take Alpha GPC 50%?

    This stabilised Alpha GPC has a concentration of 50%, which means a 1,000mg dosage equates to 500mg of active GPC.


    Specification Sheet

    Price / Gram

    £0.45 / $0.62

    Suggested Dose

    200 - 500mg

    Dosing Ratio


    Dosing Guide

    100mg : 50mg

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