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    Chaga Mushroom Extract Organic
      >8% β-Glucans, Fruiting Body Water extract

    • May help monitor cholesterol and blood sugar levels †
    • Powerful antioxidant 
    • May reduce imflammation †

    What is Chaga Mushroom Extract? 

    Wild Chaga grows naturally in the vast forests of Russia, northern China and northern climatic zones in general where birch make up the primary tree species. 

    For hundreds of years Chaga has been wildcrafted and utilized by the people of northern Europe and Russia.

    How to take Chaga Mushroom Extract Organic?

    This natural extract contains over 8% β-Glucans. We recommend a dose of 500mg - 1,000mg per serving.


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    Price / Gram

    £0.5 / $0.69

    Suggested Dose

    500 - 1,000mg

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