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    Affron®EYE Saffron Extract
      Spanish Saffron Extract, >3% Crocins

    • A natural extract grown in Spain
    • Standardised to crocins
    • May help support eye health †

    What is Affron®EYE?

    Affron®EYE is the first saffron extract standardized only to crocins by HPLC. It is a unique 100% natural carotenoid for eye health. Being water soluble facilitates its use in multiple galenic possibilities. Spanish saffron is regarded as some of the highest quality in the world. 

    Saffron is renowned for being one of the most expensive spices and commodities in the world. Pharmactive cultivates and produces organic, highly purified and standardized saffron extracts in Spain, helping to bring this amazing botanical to more people around the world while maintaining the very highest standards at affordable prices. 

    How to take Affron®EYE Saffron Extract?

    This natural saffron extract has over 3% crocins and we recommend 20mg per serving.


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